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Crafty Little Helper

Hi I'm Erin, the woman behind this little business. 

After years of helping friends and family with their own weddings it was finally my turn to get married. 

I've attended so many wonderful craft courses over the years and it was time to put those hours of practice to use. I truly loved crafting every aspect of my wedding (including hand stitching the table numbers and all of our guests names, yes all 153 of them!)


As a hopeless romantic, with a passion for crafts, the idea of wedding styling for others was my dream job and so, Crafty Little Helper was born. 


Crafty little helper
Erin_Mark_Wedding_Photographs (690).jpg

The Small Details

It's true what they say, the devil truly is in the detail. Sometimes it's the smallest of details that make a wedding memorable. 

At Crafty Little Helper we can make bespoke pieces to perfectly capture your vision.  

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